Work with the Best Realtor You Can Count on

Why I'm The Best Realtor

So, here is the most honest pitch you're ever going to read:
I love kids, I love puppies & kittens, and I volunteer. I have nice hair (my Mom said so). I have a nice smile (my Dad said so, he is a Dentist). I sell homes, I volunteer, I'm considerate of other people & I'm considerate of the environment. I recycle. I run only Energy Star Appliances. I ride a bicycle. I'm a vegetarian who also eats meat. I don't sleep. Sleeping is for Realtors who fail.

Let me say that again because I slipped it in there perhaps unnoticed. I sell homes.

Life experience and the many hats we have worn will make us who we are. My experience with many hats has given me the background that makes me a wonderful person. Plus, I have tons of experience.

That's the type of genuine realtor I am. Don't you want me working on your behalf?

Seriously! I'm tired of reading the same old lines from realtors who tell you how great they are at this and that. You must be tired of it too. Look, the gig isn't that hard once you learn the laws and the rules. You help your client find a home they love, fill out a ton of paperwork, kick the seller around a bit to lower the price, and Badda bing, Badda boom, you've got your client a new house. But then, maybe I'm just a genius, and it's easy for me. I mean, it is possible. I have above-average intelligence (my Guidance Counselor told me so). Sometimes it's all about personality. That's also possible. I have a great personality (I have references). But, unlike most other Realtors, I love what I do. I bond with my clients. Heck, I even bond with their homes.

Norma Kania, Licensed Realtor
Norma Kania, Licensed Realtor

I sell real estate so I can pay my bills. Yes, I do enjoy it. I don't believe anyone should work this many hours and years at a job they don't like. I've been at this gig for decades. But, let's face it, sometimes I'd rather be rafting, gardening, or antique hunting. It's like any other job. I've been in finance, marketing, human resources, and management. I love this the best. But, come on, peeps, If I had the cash, I'd be in Cancun drinking from coconuts, climbing the Aztec ruins, and relaxing on white sands.

So, if you want an honest realtor, you've stumbled on one, Me. Plenty is peeking out at you from the internet if you want someone who wants to dazzle you with the same old lines as to why they're more sacred than the Pope. And new ones every day who are clueless.

Thanks for still following along.

Look, if you find a house you want to look at, call me. I'll take you anywhere you want to go, and we'll check it out. I'll be honest and open, and we might even have fun during the buying process.

If you have a home you want to sell, call me for that too. I can't sell the Brooklyn Bridge (I think I bought it myself a long, long time ago), but I can sell your home for you at the best price, with the least hassle for you.

After all, I am the best realtor there is.