All About Norma

We are who we are from the many different hats we have worn during our lives. I have worn a lot of hats! I've spent 25+ years in residential and commercial sales and rentals. In addition, I've spent decades in finance and management as a banking AVP. My management background includes extensive human resources involvement and management.

Norma Kania, Licensed Realtor
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Services You Can Rely On

Are you wondering what human resources has to do with real estate? Well, I've learned to listen to what people say to me and ensure that I understand what they need and want. I feel this is very important in helping someone find the home of their dreams or help them find a buyer for their home. My marketing background keeps me thinking outside of the box. I look (and find) innovative ways to market a home. I go the extra mile that other real estate agents won't.

Real Estate Background

My real estate background includes years of home and business staging. I've been successfully staging homes and generating curb appeal before there were TV shows dedicated to the process. I have also studied under the Leader in HomeStaging, Barb Schwarz. Once again, I am in tune with what a buyer wants and what a seller must do to get that buyer.

Norma Kania, Licensed Realtor

Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

Remember that you can make a first impression only once.

To keep current with the latest Real Estate information and available education, I am a member of the National Association of Realtors, the New Jersey Association of Realtors, and the Hunterdon/Somerset Association of Realtors. I subscribe and am sworn to the NJ Code of Ethics, allowing me to use the realtor designation. My continuing education is an ongoing purpose in my career. Real estate is not cut and dry, and a realtor who does not keep up with the latest trends and technology cannot provide the best service to their clients.

Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist

I am also a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). I dislike the word "Seniors" - unless there is a discount to be had. I prefer to consider us silver collars, the natural progression from either blue collar or white collar. When the time is right to downsize or move to a home with less maintenance and upkeep, I understand the lifestyle change and will be there to help. And I am there from the beginning to the end.

My credentials also include the certifications of SRS (Seller Representative Specialist), ePro (online marketing specialist), and AHM (Advanced Home Marketing Specialist), and I've been recognized as an award-winning realtor since 2017.

Norma Kania, Licensed Realtor

Get Complementary Evaluation

Call me or write to me! I'd be happy to give you a complimentary evaluation of your home. Yes, completely free! If you're thinking of buying, let's talk! Please tell me what you want in a dream home, and let's look at what is available. If you find some homes on the internet that interest you, I can bring you around to view them as you make your decisions about what you are looking for. There is never an obligation and never any pressure. I welcome and embrace new clients, and I don't stalk them!

Dedicated to Your Service

As a dedicated realtor, I work 7 days and 10-14 hours daily and adjust my schedule to accommodate my clients. If you want more information, I can supply you with a free copy of the booklets I wrote, "The Ultimate Buyer's Guide" or the "Ultimate Seller's Guide."

OK, enough.

That said, I think I can summarize my profile this way: I am good at what I do. Seriously!

The greatest journey in life is on the road that leads you home.

Let me take you home.

Norma Kania, Licensed Realtor